Why you should be red-headed this season…


Because you have watched “the September Issue”, and you want to have the intelligence, talent and sensibility of Grace Coddington, Vogue’s Creative Director. Because she can look like a witch, but what an amazing witch, and the second she smiles, your heart melts, you’re filled with a deep feeling of comfort and admiration. Grace was a model before working at Vogue UK and then Vogue US. I’m sure she loves cats.

Because you want to get the energy of La Roux, you have been listening to Quicksand on and on and on, and when you wake up in the morning with her, before heading to the office, you feel Bulletproof to face the coming day (holidays are over rrr). Because Quicksand’s video was directed by Kinga Burza, another red-headed beauty who is one of the rising stars at Partizan (she directed vids for The Teenagers, Kate Nash, Katy Perry or Ladyhawke).

Because Karen Elson is the new face of the latest H&M Campaign, alongside sexy Patrick Petitjean (the bearded model we had been fantasizing about here). Karen is chic and elegance combine to sensuality. Karen was also in a rock band in her younger days and married White Stripes Jack White, whith whom she had 2 children. Yes she’s 30, and yes she’s more modelling than ever.
Karen Elson for HM

Because you feel out of your body when you listen to the incredible voice of Florence & the Machine, as if you were just a soul running into spaces, experiencing intense emotions. Listen her album very loud, and breathe deeply.

Because we celebrated this year Sonia Rykiel‘s 40th anniversary in fashion. I loved the fact that various fashion designers gathered around her for this trendy birthday bash. What better tribute than adopting her famous hair color ?

And because of super cutie Isla Fisher ! Sasha Baron Cohen’s wife is a mini bomba. She has a crazy body for such a tiny figure (and considering that she’s a mum) and she’s the funnny sexy touch at the movies (please look at her dancing in the wedding crashers or confessions of a shopaholic…). Because she’s not the usual tall blonde who gets the sexy dude at the end of the movie though she definetely gets the dude at the end.