Christian Dior / Couture FW09


TIME TRAVEL. John Galliano reviews history for Christian Dior couture FW 09. Remember the 50s ? Well imagine these women emancipated, celebrating feminity and sensuality. It’s as if the 80s golden ladies had been teletransportated three decades before and were ruling fashion. Martine Mc Fly is in the place. See-through outfits, outrageous colors and patterns alternance with wise pastels, stockings a gogo, underwear on heels, agressive make up, crazy tight tight fingerwaves. The hairdo combined with the attitude is courtisanesque. Or these models could be the brand new Barbie Dita Von Teese, mixing the day outfit with the evening lace undies. Half a lady and wife, half a classy whore.
See Focus below the silhouettes pics. And see garter belts…. everywhere !

Season after season, animals are still hot

Silk and fluidity, as seen in ready-to-wear for next season

Feathers are totally in since 2 seasons, here on these fabulous hats

Dotted stocking and undies will definetely be a hit in fall / winter

Thanks to for the wonderful pics.