Obsession Poodle – Part 1


Sandy Paws, you are my hero.

And here is the creative work of artist / award winning groomer / animals lover Sandy Paws on poodle icon Cindy.

Hipster Cindy Peacock

Cindy Chicken brings the lolz

Cindy Camel gets oriental

Cindy Turtle is so 80s

Cindy Dragon for the kids


10 thoughts on “Obsession Poodle – Part 1

  1. http://thenapcg.com/
    How about EDUCATE yourselves before you leave the hateful comments?!…Seriously…if all you have to do is go around trashing people for their hobby’s…then YOU need to get a life!I personally know the lady who has created such beautiful works of art and she would NEVER do ANYTHING to hurt her dogs…these are all dog- friendly hair colors….I use the same funky colors on my hair….So yes…PLEASE think before you open your immature mouths!…

  2. It may not be hurting the dog, but dogs arn’t f***ing canvas’s to be painted!
    I find it offensive to look at, I see it as animal cruelty.
    Go buy yourself paints and paper, stop painting living animals!!

  3. Not only is that art, it’s not hurting the dogs at all. For the amount of detail that’s put into the painting and trimming it is obvious that the dogs trust her completely. That is not cruel to the animals at all. I think it’s amazing how strong of a bond she has with the dogs. Just because something is unique it doesn’t make it “offensive to look at”, the uniqueness of it adds to the “value”. For you haters out there, if you don’t like someone’s art simply don’t look at it, and for you to spend the time to even say something about it counter-dicks what you were saying. You felt that this deserved the time out of your life to say something about it, so it’s not as “bad” as your trying to say it is….

  4. Wow! That’s some amazing stuff there! Must have taken hours to do all that. Great job!

    And comeone people, their poodles! They are going to have to be groomed anyway, so why not get creative with it if its not going to harm them?

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