Swedi Pirates Get Political


“Pirat Partiet” aka The Pirate Party just won a seat at the European Parliament.
And don’t imagine a one-eyed stinky legless cripple… Don’t visualize a sexy Scandinavian Jack Parrow counterpart either. They look just like you (except if you’re Portuguese for example, or a bleached pale Portuguese then). These dudes claim they’re not related to the Pirate Bay (whose leaders were recently sentenced to jail), but their cause is similar.

Their program consists of three points (this is from their website) :

Reform of copyright law
(…) All non-commercial copying and use should be completely free. File sharing and p2p networking should be encouraged rather than criminalized. Culture and knowledge are good things, that increase in value the more they are shared. The Internet could become the greatest public library ever created.
The monopoly for the copyright holder to exploit an aesthetic work commercially should be limited to five years after publication. (…)

An abolished patent system
Pharmaceutical patents kill people in third world countries every day. They hamper possibly life saving research by forcing scientists to lock up their findings pending patent application, instead of sharing them with the rest of the scientific community. (…) The Pirate Party has a constructive and reasoned proposal for an alternative to pharmaceutical patents. It would not only solve these problems, but also give more money to pharmaceutical research, while still cutting public spending on medicines in half. (…)

Respect for the right to privacy

In fact, pirates usually steal, but these kind carebears-pirates just want to share. They bring us an other way of considering peer-to-peer in a positive and constructive way.
Pirat Partiet scored more than 7% in Sweden. That’s just amazing, for such a party, created back in 2006. The future Robin Hooded eurodeputy won’t certainly be the right person to take most of the decisions his position allows him to. Though, that shows the will of some people to deny the authority of the great entertainment companies who don’t consider the everyman. But that man can vote.


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