MGMT vs. Kids


So, here is the long awaited video for the song KIDS performed by the gifted MGMT. The album has been out for two years so it’s quite unusual.
Well well well… does MGMT actually likes kids ?
I feel really uncomfortable watching that young fellow being scared to death by creepy creatures. I mean, the kid is not playing a role in front of us : he IS frightened.
Though the concept could have been interesting, and honestly I love the reference to the 80s horror movies, the vintage special FX. Though it reminds me of the X-OR situations, with freaks appearing from nowhere. Though bloody sticky viscous stuff is fun… I’m not buying it. Terrifying that little chap is never acceptable. And what the fuck did his mother think during the filming ?
Then, I don’t understand that sudden change in the vid, turning into an animated which style did not convince me.

See below.


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