Gareth Pugh FW09 – Women



Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner (1982)


Goth outfits & high heels


Orca/Sealion skin aspect


Iridescent Tahiti pearls


Dracula collar


2 thoughts on “Gareth Pugh FW09 – Women

  1. this picture of the orca whales is very cute and also the seal(of course) but i dont know why people killed the whales for, is it to make money or to make them rich. well think again man the poor animal was made by god the father to have fun in life just like he made us. they aint just animal they are one of us too, they have got families to lookafter and they have themsleves to look after too, so please im telling you to leave the poor whales alone and let them enjoy their life tha was given form someone special that is god the father
    thank you very much and hope you would agree with me on this statement

  2. wel diz coment is a little bit sad, but i agree with you. You ae right about people killing whales, they should leave them alone and let them freeeeeeeeeee.

    i agree with you

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