Petit Garçon


I’m not so fan of short haircut. It’s pretty often ruined by a bad hairstylist and can easily turn you into a not-so-hot mamma.
But here we have something incredibly sexy to upgrade an androgyn look that doesn’t fit all girls.

Lola Raban-Oliva is a graphic designer that you have to follow because she’s gonna get bigger and bigger (in terms of talent… rrr).
Special kudos to her portraits : photographer Bastien Lattanzio, foxy PR Maxime Souverain (Kitsune), or Bobmo’s which was used later by Institubes.
Click here to see Lola’s work or here

Julie is my adorable friend and former colleague. The perferct person to work with : fun, hardworking and fun. Best teammate to listen to zouk at the office, practise joy jumps and get back to normal when you have to.

And last but not least, Uffie adopted that new hairdo recently. I saw these pictures on the cobrasnake. This lighter color absolutely fits her pale carnation and emphasizes her big dark eyes. Love the new sexy-cute-twiggylooking Uffie. Also reminds me of Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby.

Click here if you’re ready to Uff

So Me entertains you day and night


I had never heard about Kid Kudi before his Day ‘N’ Nite video clip directed by So Me. Apart from the great job that the talented French graphic designer can provide, you can’t deny that it’s also very effective in terms of communications.
The style remains quite similar to what has been done before on Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. or on Kanye West living the good life, but I really like how the drawings are integrated in the video. The image serves the lyrics. The music is not revolutionary but is sublimed by the visual support.
If you haven’t visited it yet, you can check his EdBanger bloggin contribution on Cool Cats, section So Far So Me.

April 77 on February 13


April 77 is moving its office from rue Saintonge in Paris – Le Marais to a nearby street, rue Charlot, and is organizing a yardsale today and tomorrow. You can meet there delightful April 77 PR Laura who is hosting this terrific sale with really low prices and lots of clothes, from 50€ jackets to 20€ jeans. It’s a great opportunity to fill your wardrobe with brilliant Brice Partouche’s French brand. Numerous sizes, cool outfits, and lovely one-day sellers … hurry up !

April 77, 11 rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris – Feb 13 & 14, 11 to 6