Sunday Subway


I have been riding my bike in Paris since August. It’s rather painful at the moment with the rain or even the snow, and of course because of the cold.
As I had to cross Paris from North to South to visit a friend, I decided to take the metro and enjoy, relax, listen to the ipod/iphone, dream.
While walking in the metro corridors, I saw that billboard for a play named “Très chère Mathilde” currently hosted by Théâtre Marigny in Paris. Former French dancer Line Renaud, also known as an actress and a spokesperson for aids research associations, is playing Mathilde, an elegant old lady, who’s living with her daughter. 50-year-old New Yorker Matthias has views on the apartment the two women are living in, and that he has inherited (the flat, not the women), BUT it will only be available for him once Mathilde will be deceased.
Sounds “why not” to me, though I’m not really used to going to theaters, especially not to see Line Renaud.
However, what really interested me was the billboard itself. I’m a great fan of illustration as we used to see it, before it was all photoshop and retouching.
I also loved the very woman representation of younger Mathilde. She almost looks like a doll, with her pale visage, red chicks, delicate fruit lips and deep blue eyes.
Please give us more of that in 2009 …

Then, I saw that ad for a better life in Martinique. Bizarre mix with the metro wall. I don’t have time and money to go to Martinique, but thanks god the island fever is definetely there with Lost come back on screen !


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