Kings of the Stone Age or The Massive Beard Attack


Lately, I had a vision from beyond. Well in fact, as I was at the supermarket, begging for a low-fat-full-taste-highly-comforting something to bring home for dinner (I mean, food …), I saw a bearded man a few feet away. I couldn’t help but following his steps. He eventually turned his back and I discovered a geeky face hidden by hair everywhere with a sad outfit. He looked like a computer-loving bachelor lost in the 70s. Nothing sexy, believe me.
The day after, I came back to the supermarket, and in my search for the organic chocolate cookie (Monoprix Bio Chocolate Cookies, taste it, never forget it), I came across another dark-bearded guy. Once again, I followed him but when we got face to face, he was just some kind of 68-ers hippie, as we call them in France. Let’s say that he had probably a nostalgy of losing his virginity at Woodstock with a Joan Baez lookalike hairy student and now had been led to praising organic food and anti-consumerism. Though we could have had some common views on the importance of healthy food, I doubt we could have gone further.
I was mistaken by THE BEARD.
Last week, hot male model Ferdi Sibbel was cast for the Fall / Winter 09 lookbook shooting for French brand Façonnable – I’ve been working on that project. Ferdi was wearing a sexy beard he was immediately asked to leave for a shorter do. Such a shame, it really suited his preppy/brooklyn-hip/I-ride-a-bike-dude look.

After having had that thing for moustache, I must admit we’re facing a massive beard attack.
This relates to two strong features. First, the beard embodies that spirit of being freed from the daily duty that society imposes you. You can link it with rejecting rules, being the master of your own body, being environment-aware, listening to folk music, being veggie, having long hair, praising peace and love, practising tantra sex. It’s definitely part of the hippie uniform.
Then, the beard is the ultimate manly accessory. Cro-magnon man has never been so sexy than now. He won’t steal you your night cream. He can protect you if you’re being attacked. He’s a rock, HE HAS A BEARD. Images are better than words. Please see below the pictures of French rubgy player Sebastien Chabal who had such a success with the ladies that he was enrolled to become the icon of a perfume campaign. Also the photos of French model Patrick Petitjean, who is said to be living alone in the mountains (how hip of him), and American Japanese-born actor Tadanobu Asano who was cast alongside Chloe Sevigny in UNIQLO’s campaign in the US last year. And finally, French unpredictable but yet gifted musician Sebastien Tellier who gave us last year the most sexy album of the decade “Sexuality”.
Enjoy !





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